OCTOPUS Gigante 1.0

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OCTOPUS Gigante 1.0 - Lord Roy Mc Shaloon

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Lord Roy Mc Shalonn explore the outermost sector

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Lord Roy Mc Shaloon

This picture was one of my first attempts. I experimented a lot with Photoshop and SolidWorks and tried to create an exciting scene with simple means. Very early I had the idea with the old tank canister. I asked a friend if he could be a model for me and integrated him into the picture. One of my first protagonists was born.
The OCTOPUS Gigante 1 is a single-seat machine. The design is reduced to the essentials. This machine is the favorite vehicle of the Lord Roy Mc Shaloon. Very often he drives in the evening hours a few laps and enjoys the glide.